Interdisciplinary Research Signposting: How We Facilitate & How We Can Help

We champion and lead the agenda for interdisciplinary research at the University of Birmingham. Building on existing strengths and our unrivalled breadth, we aim to catalyse interdisciplinary research that has potential for internationally recognised impact.

Got an idea?

Interdisciplinary research weekly drop-in

Every Monday from 13.30-14.30, the IGI-IAS team are available to take questions on our support and to discuss all matters regarding interdisciplinary research.

How do I find people?


The Pure (Publication and Research) database stores and integrates information on research activity in a structured way and makes it available and searchable for the wider academic community and the public.

Research Portal

Search for common interests by publications, researchers, research projects, activities and datasets.

How to do Interdisciplinary Research

Drawing on recent research into interdisciplinary working and practical experiences of interdisciplinary researchers, this interactive workshop series, run by the IGI-IAS, focuses on addressing structural and practical barriers to interdisciplinary research. 

Workshops are open to all post-PhD researchers at the University of Birmingham and cover topics such as: building interdisciplinary teams; funding; publishing, and career development. 

How to find common interests?


Structured networking sessions are a way for researchers to informally meet colleagues with a shared interest in a specific area and gain advice from the IGI-IAS (Institute for Global Innovation and Institute of Advanced Studies) team. As part of the planning, the lead researcher/s will be asked to outline the research questions that they’d like to explore.

Thematic round tables

Thematic round tables are formal meetings bringing together up to 10 researchers with an interest in a shared topic to assess interest and feasibility of establishing a cross-University research theme. Round tables are initiated by College Directors of Research or the IGI-IAS leadership team. 

How do I bring people together?

IAS Workshops

These day-long meetings should bring together expertise from across the breadth of our university. Topics should be interdisciplinary and include substantial input from at least two Colleges. Consideration should be given to what might eventually benefit the University in terms of engagement, impact, high-quality publications and grant income generation. 

Visiting Fellows

Fellows should be outstanding academics from leading institutions, operating at the cutting edge of their disciplines to work collaboratively with colleagues at the University of Birmingham. The visits allow colleagues to focus on new and existing areas which are timely and relevant to national and international priorities and cross-disciplinary boundaries.

What next?

Follow on funding

This pump-priming research fund seeks to ensure that interdisciplinary ideas generated in the IAS (Institute of Advanced Studies) and IGI (Institute for Global Innovation) – both intra-Birmingham and through collaboration with leading international visitors – are realised.

For full details and deadlines, please get in touch.

Further opportunities

The University offers a number of other internally-managed funds to support research, impact, and knowledge-exchange activities.
Many of these are detailed on the intranet:

If you want to speak about research funding more broadly you can find details of your local research support team here:

IDR Weekly Drop-In

Every Monday from 13.30-14.30, the IGI-IAS team are available to take questions on our support and to discuss all matters regarding interdisciplinary research. Drop in on Zoom.


We hold termly events for new staff and Early Career Researchers to meet the IGI-IAS team, learn more about interdisciplinary research support and network with colleagues.

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